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We are always on the look out for great prizes for adventurers and sincerely thank our donors and sponsors for their help rewarding outstanding fund raisers. Prizes go to the Adventures and Adventurers that raise the most funds and will be distributed as the Adventures unfold and while supplies last. Check back often to see our exciting prizes and the winners!

Adventurers who raise more than $1000.00 – six lucky Adventurers raising funds for adventures will receive a certificate from Gord’s Running Store Ltd. “Brooks Shoes for You” is a certificate for a pair of in-stock Brooks shoes – some restrictions apply. Thank you Gord’s and Brooks for your many years of support for AWA!

Our first lucky winner – Heather Hadden for Pollinator Power – Take 2!
Our second winner – Lindsey Wallis – 40/40/40
Our third and fourth winner – Jim Campbell and Bob Patterson – The Rundle Ride
Our fifth winner – Tako Koning
Our sixth winner – Margaret O’Regan – Cochrane Ranche Adventure

Adventurers who raise more than $750.00 two lucky Adventurers raising more than $750 will receive a handcrafted cedar bird feeder and 5 pounds of cracked sunflower seeds for your feathered friends.  Thank you Wild Bird General Store in Edmonton for your support for Adventures for Wilderness.

Our first lucky winner – Katrina Muller for Keep It Wild – Help Us Clean!

Adventurers who raise more than $100.00 – all Adventurers who raise more than $100.00 will have their names entered into a draw and may receive any one of the following prizes:

  • Adventure in the City Gift Package – a copy of Best Walks in Calgary, Eight Bells Tea Leaves and a Mug to enjoy a fine cup of tea while searching out a new place to go for a walk! (10 available)
  • Occitane Prize Package –  Occitane sampler products packaged just for you (4 available)
  • Fort Berens Estate Winery  – 2018 Riesling (12 available)
  • Compostable Party Packs – compostable napkins, cups, bowls, forks and knives in an AWA branded canvas bag and neck buff (8 available)
  • Beautiful Photographic Prints from Hälle Flygare – double matted and signed by Hälle (5 available)
  • Bert Riggall’s Greater Waterton – A Conservation Legacy – edited by Beth Towe (1 available)
  • Higher Ground Gift Package– Coffee Beans in 1 pound bags to make an excellent cup of coffee with a copy of Best Walks in Calgary for your personal Adventure planning! (14 available)

Appreciation Prizes – AWA Branded Neck Buffs;  Robert Alvo’s Being a Bird in North America Books; Party Packs of compostable plates, cutlery, cups and bowls; these prizes will be distributed by Adventure coordinators for their Adventurers.


Winners: Random Prizes  for Sponsors in the Wolf Category 

  • Adventure in the City Gift Package: Steve Goodchild, Patricia Booker, Bob McKendrick, John Clark, Cornelis Kolijn, Bernard Kohrs, Laura Huang
  • Occitane Prize Package: Michelle Roth, Rita Giordano, Shirley Deneka
  • Compostable Party Packs: Brendan Nogue, Wayne Wakeford, Maureen Ullman, Lindsay Richardson, Janine Jevne, Janet Pennington, Lindsey Barrington-Schultz, Rushania Kinzagulova
  • Higher Ground Gift Package: Hayley Robb, Donna Little, Jacalynn Biglund, Val Schoefield, Scott, Olynek, Suzanne Walsh, Sara Jaremko, Tyler Williams, Spencer Campbell, James Jack, Stewart Colburne, Brenda Lang, Paul Sutherland, S Willott Elaine Clark


Winners: Random Prizes  for Sponsors in the Bison Category 

  • Beautiful Photographic Prints from Hälle Flygare:


Winners: Random Prizes  for Sponsors greater than $200

  • Fort Berens Estate Winery  – 2018 Riesling: Elaine Clark


Thank You to everyone who raises funds to support Alberta’s wilderness, wildlife and wild waters! We sincerely appreciate your help.

All prizes must be accepted as awarded. AWA reserves the right to substitute prizes for equal or greater value. Prizes are non-cumulative and are awarded based on categories published on this page. One prize per eligible Adventurer will be allowed. 

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