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We are always on the lookout for great prizes for adventurers and sincerely thank our donors and sponsors for their help rewarding outstanding fund raisers. Prizes go to the Adventures and Adventurers that raise the most funds and will be distributed as the Adventures unfold and while supplies last. Check back often to see our exciting prizes and the winners!

Six lucky Adventurers raising funds for adventures received a certificate from Gord’s Running Store Ltd. “Brooks Shoes for You” is a certificate for a pair of in-stock Brooks shoes – some restrictions apply. Thank you to Gord’s and Brooks for your many years of support for AWA!

Our first winner – Chris Saunders for organizing and fundraising for Climb Stairs and Cycle for Earth Day, which raised $2,672
Our second and third winners – Cliff Wallis and John Wallis for their exceptional support of the Milk River Canoe Adventure and others
Our fourth winner – Bob McKendrick for his participation in and support of many adventures in 2022!
Our fifth winner – Warren Verbonac for his support of many adventures!
Our sixth winner – Susan Scott for her exceptional personal fundraising for the Cascade Valley Adventure


One star fundraiser was gifted with two tickets to a Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra concert.
Our lucky winner – Bev Stevenson – Unicorn Hunt in the Whaleback

Appreciation Prizes – Tea from Tea Trader, mugs from MUD Urban Potters, honey from The Beehive; AWA branded buffs; AWA branded caps; Gift Certificate from the Outdoor Learning Store


Thank You to everyone who raises funds to support Alberta’s wilderness, wildlife and wild waters! We sincerely appreciate your help.

All prizes must be accepted as awarded. AWA reserves the right to substitute prizes for equal or greater value. Prizes are non-cumulative and are awarded based on categories published on this page. One prize per eligible Adventurer will be allowed. 

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