11 Jul 2021
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

AGT Building, Downtown Calgary

We're sorry; registrations have closed for this adventure.

This is a half day urban field trip where we will look at buildings clad in fossils-rich limestones of the Tyndall Formation which is quarried at Tyndall, Manitoba. The Tyndall is Ordovician in age which is equivalent to 450 million years old. The field trip begins downtown Calgary where we will visit some historic buildings clad with Tyndall. Thereafter we will see ten blocks of Tyndall in front of the Safeway store in Kensington which allows us to see the Tyndall in three dimensions. Then we will go up to SAIT where a wide variety of fossils (corals, sponges, nautiloids, algae, pelecypods, brachiopods) are exquisitely preserved in the limestone which extensively clads the Senator Patrick Burns building. This field trip is family friendly; kids are welcome.


Tako Koning
Senior Petroleum Geologist