7 May 2022
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

We're sorry; registrations have closed for this adventure.

Sign up in teams of 4 or less with at least one responsible adult as part of each team. Each team is required to reach a minimum sponsorship of $160. The coordinator will facilitate the activities but adults are responsible to manage the children in their team. This program is best for kids in grade 4 or older, but younger children are welcome! (they will just require more assistance with some activities)

Days spent with our families in nature are special. We can put away our devices and connect to each other and the land that sustains us. A little knowledge about the natural world around you can make these experiences even richer. Learn how to identify common local plants animals. We will even have fun trying to identify tracks and poo (we like to call it scat) so we can discover the animals that have been on the trail before us. Families will also practice important wilderness skills, such as map reading, fire and shelter building. There will be lots of games and opportunities for everyone to gain knowledge about wilderness safety through preparation. We will also learn how to be good stewards of the places where we play by practicing Leave No Trace principles.

Each team is required to reach a minimum sponsorship of $160. This Adventure takes place at Glennfield in Fish Creek Provincial Park.


Lindsey Wallis