Hike leader and longtime AWA friend (and past board member) Heinz Unger has lived in the Ghost/Waiparous area for many years, so he knows the Ghost watershed like the back of his hand. Who better, then, to lead a cool spring hike up the area’s Lesueur Ridge?

Despite the poor weather forecast for Sunday May 29, five intrepid hikers turned out for the loop hike up Lesueur Ridge. Although spring is coming late this year, the aspens were just leafing out in the brightest possible green, and the fescue meadows were greening up, too. There were still lots of prairie crocus in the shade and many bright Goldenbeans. Lots of short-stemmed shooting stars grew in abundance and we also saw some small mountain avens and a few yellow locoweeds.

The trail was steep but easy to walk because it was so dry. The hike down to the valley trail was equally steep, then followed by an easy walk through mixed woods and past gnarly old Douglas firs. And the views from the top were great, with lots of snow still on the mountains to the south and west, and dark rain clouds in the north. But the weather was actually quite nice, even a bit sunny, and only for the final 15 minutes there was a light drizzle to see the group back to the trailhead.