After 28 successful Climb for Wilderness events, Alberta Wilderness Association is celebrating 55 years as an association with a new and exciting event — Adventures for Wilderness.

Despite every possible effort we have had it confirmed that we are not able to use the Bow Building for our event. As disappointing as that is and after realizing we needed to change; “let’s get outdoors” was the response. And so we are doing just that, we have reinvented Climb for Wilderness.

This is AWA’s 55th year and with your help, we are continuing in our tradition of renewal and reinvigorating and being nimble!

We hope you will join the fun of creating your own adventure and being part of AWA’s plan to get out there! With a limit of 55 adventures designed by people who care about wilderness and wildlife we expect to have adventures that will cover the province and even be in locations where we have members across Canada.

Watch this space for details and news of the adventures being planned.