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29 May 2021
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Ice, Glaciers, Gravel and Oil – Cochrane North Field Trip
with Tako Koning
Cochrane, Alberta

This Saturday adventure, which begins in Cochrane, is a road trip where we will see various forms of magnificent glacial geology in the Cochrane & Lochend areas and also see a rapidly developing program of hydraulic fracking for oil in the Lochend area. We will drive through and stop at locations in the deeply incised glacial melt water channel which runs from Cochrane to Big Hill Springs Provincial Park and onwards into the northwest Lochend area. A similar melt water channel also occurs just south of the small village of Dog Pound. We will also see areas covered by glacial moraines characterized by knob & kettle topography and glacial drumlins. Small creeks and ponds occur in these channels and provide habitat for abundant water fowl. We will stop and discuss the numerous oil well pads, which produce oil from the tight Cardium sandstone oil play. Long distance horizontal wells combined with hydraulic fracking have led to the success of this oil program. Drilling and oil production is now occurring in an area of approximately 200 square kilometers and in some cases has had significant environmental impact on ranches, farms and acreages in the area. We will also see some active large gravel mining operations and the sites of a couple of planned gravel pits which will significantly impact the area. Gerry Bietz, President, Bighill Creek Preservation Society will tell us of their efforts to protect this environmentally unique and fragile area.

5 Jun 2021
Mount Hoffmann Hike
with Julie Docken
Kananaskis, Alberta

Offering some truly extraordinary views of the Sheep River valley and surrounding foothills, this scenic hike west of Turner Valley is not particularly busy, but is often a favourite of those who do know of it!

20 Jun 2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Forgetmenot Ridge
with Chris Saunders
Kananaskis, Alberta

Forgetmenot Ridge is a high north-south foothills ridge which stands between higher mountains to the west and much lower hills and prairie to the east. There are great views in all directions.

Interesting wildlife and flowers can often be seen on Forgetmenot Ridge at this time of year.

26 Jun 2021
Jumpingpound & Hounds Hike
with Kate Van Pernis
Kananaskis Improvement District, Alberta

Calling all lovers of mountains, wildflowers, hikes, and dogs! Join us for a moderate trek up Jumpingpound Summit in Kananaskis. Dogs (on a leash), children, and adults who are children-at-heart are all invited to enjoy the woods, wildflowers, summit views, and company on this favourite jaunt.

27 Jun 2021
The Rundle Ride
with Jim Campbell
Banff, Alberta

The 2nd Annual Adventure for Wilderness for Bob Patterson and Jim Campbell will be to circumnavigate the iconic Mount Rundle on Saturday June 27, 2021 by cycling from Banff up the Goat Creek Trail, down the Spray Lakes Road, though the Canmore Nordic Centre, to return on the south side of the Bow River to their starting point at Bow Falls. A mountain bike marathon of 40+ KM. A few scrapes and flats are fully anticipated though all to the good of conserving Alberta’s wildlife and wild places.

5 Jun 2021
- 1 Jul 2021
The Great Alberta Parks Bike-a-thon 2021
with Sean Nichols
Sherwood Park, Alberta

Follow Sean this June as he bikes around Alberta on a 3,500+ km odyssey, visiting the 164 parks formerly slated for delisting by the Government of Alberta in 2020. Sean will be posting regular updates, photos and videos from each park, telling the stories from this emerald archipelago that we came so close to losing.

The trip will end at #164 on the list, the Strathcona Science Provincial Park in Edmonton on Canada Day where we will celebrate the occasion with a picnic luncheon, to which supporters are invited to join in!

11 Jul 2021
Discovering Ordovician Fossils in the Tyndall Limestone in Downtown, Kensington and SAIT
with Tako Koning
Calgary, Alberta

This is a half day urban field trip where we will look at buildings clad in fossils-rich limestones of the Tyndall Formation which is quarried at Tyndall, Manitoba. The Tyndall is Ordovician in age which is equivalent to 450 million years old. The field trip begins downtown Calgary where we will visit some historic buildings clad with Tyndall. Thereafter we will see ten blocks of Tyndall in front of the Safeway store in Kensington which allows us to see the Tyndall in three dimensions. Then we will go up to SAIT where a wide variety of fossils (corals, sponges, nautiloids, algae, pelecypods, brachiopods) are exquisitely preserved in the limestone which extensively clads the Senator Patrick Burns building. This field trip is family friendly; kids are welcome.

11 Jul 2021
Plateau Mountain – Bike and Hike
with Chris Saunders
Kananaskis Improvement District, Alberta

Plateau Mountain is a prominent landmark in south western Alberta between the Livingstone Range to the west and the prairie to the east. It is a genuine plateau about eight kilometres long and one to two kilometres wide. Technically it qualifies as a nunatuk, an area of high land that stood above the ice sheet during the last ice age. Its broad wind-swept summit hosts some unusual wildflowers and geological features. It provides important grazing for a number of wildlife species. To the visitor the plateau can feel like arctic tundra during inclement weather, quite different to the alpine and subalpine to the west, and the prairie to the east. Plateau Mountain was declared an Ecological Reserve in 1991. It is a unique place.

This is a chance to see Plateau in some detail. We will be covering some of the route by mountain bike and the rest on foot. The views from the top are spectacular.

16 Jul 2021
- 17 Jul 2021
Dinosaurs and Badlands
with Rob and Tjarda Barratt, and Christyann Olson
Elnora, Alberta

This is a two-part adventure combining an online presentation and an interpretive hike through the impressive badlands of Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park. This is an exclusive opportunity to virtually meet Dr. François Therrien, Curator of Dinosaur Palaeoecology at Royal Tyrrell Museum and attend his special presentation on the “Albertosaurus Bonebed of Dry Island.” The presentation will be enjoyed the evening of July 16, 2021 on your computer from the comfort of your home. The following day there will be an interpretative hike to the Albertosaurus bonebed and other sites at Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park.

28 Aug 2021
Orphan Oil & Gas Wells and Foothills Geology – Southern Alberta Field Trip
with Tako Koning
High River, Alberta

This field trip is an all-day road trip beginning with visiting Frank Lake, near High River, which is a shallow water slough where hundreds of bird species have been identified. We will then drive past and view the nearby large abandoned Mazeppa gas plant. Driving southwards and then westwards of Stavely we will visit the Pine Coulee Reservoir and the beautiful Willow Creek Municipal Park nestled in the valley of Willow Creek. In the Porcupine Hills, we will stop by the site of an orphan gas well assigned to the Orphan Well Association for abandonment and site remediation. The trip will continue westwards over the crest of the Porcupine Hills, reviewing the underlying geology and enjoying stunning views in all directions. The trip ends in the village of Longview viewing oil-producing sites and discussing issues related to future wells abandonment and wellsites environmental remediation.

22 Jun 2021
- 31 Aug 2021
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Biodiversity Bees in Brentwood
with Polly Knowlton Cockett and Robin Cockett
Calgary, Alberta

Please join us on Tuesday evenings* this summer for a season of social stewardship through Biodiversity Conservation in the Centennial Natureground and Whispering Woods – tucked away in a corner of Brentwood, in northwest Calgary.

* the bees will run in the evenings through July; starting in August they will switch to Tuesday mornings

22 Apr 2021
- 31 Aug 2021
Keep It Wild, Help us Clean
with Katrina Muller

Help us to clean the province by choosing locations throughout the summer and picking up all the garbage that is potentially harming wildlife and the ecosystems in our area.

We are hoping to gather a crew of at least 10 people to help us out, but if you are unable to join our crew there are some other ways you can participate below!

How you can participate:

  1. Join our crew- minimum donation $20, fundraising goal (minimum $200 including your donation), join us on at least one crew pick up day or coordinate your own
  2. Donate to our cause –any amount welcome! our fundraising goal is $2000 by the end of August so help us spread the word!
  3. Request of a location you’d like to see cleaned up (minimum donation $50) – if you know of a spot with a lot of garbage that has been bothering you every time you see it you can sponsor us to come clean it up!
  4. Do your own garbage pickup – minimum donation $20, post picture of your garbage bags

Crew pick up days: Throughout the summer we will select locations that are large enough to allow for safe social distancing for picking up garbage. We will provide garbage bags, gloves, sanitizer & coordinate with the city to pick up collected garbage. Come and join us at a designated location for approximately 1 hour of clean up.

1 Mar 2021
- 31 Aug 2021
Photographs for Winter Wilderness
with Sean Nichols

Share your adventures in Alberta’s winter wilderness through the art of photography!

Pollinator Power! Take 2!
with Heather Hadden

We’re at it again and 58 bee boxes suitable for Alberta’s Native Bees have been produced for this year’s adventure! This year we expanded the adventure to make Bee Box kits for 3 grade one classes at FFCA – NWE and Girl Guides of the 163rd Calgary Unit to work on a citizen science project for their Lady Baden Powell Award. Last year, our boxes got out all around the province: Calgary, Canmore, Lake Louise, Red Deer, Edmonton and Rocky Mountain House! Have one in your backyard too!

Date/Time to be announced
Calgary Birding Tour
with Nathan Schmidt

Join AWA Board Member Nathan Schmidt and AWA volunteers Alexa Escobar and Joel Forre as they tour some of the best birding locations in Calgary. Tours will talk about the basics of responsible birding as well as tips for species identification and other helpful birding resources.

This adventure will include several outings over the course of spring and early summer 2021, with each one highlighting a different location – be sure to check the Details section for dates and locations.

21 Mountains
with Alexa Escobar

Alexa and Joel will be climbing 21 mountains in 2021, raising funds to help defend Wild Alberta!

If you’d like to follow along with them, or even join them on a few of these ascents, check out their adventure! They’ll be posting updates from their enterprise, and giving heads up about upcoming peaks, so if you see one you’d like to come along on, there will be space for a few fellow alpinists!

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