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6 Jun 2020
Bob & Jim’s Adventure for Wilderness
with Jim Campbell

Bob Patterson and Jim Campbell have a 35 year friendship and a lifetime passion for wilderness and wildlife, and that’s more than 130 years between the two of them. Their Adventure for Wilderness will be a triathlon of running, canoeing and cycling.

19 Apr 2020
Climb Stairs and Cycle for Earth Day – Calgary (The Long Course)
with Chris Saunders
Calgary, Alberta

AWA has a long history of indoor stair climbing to celebrate Earth Day. Now: the stair climbing moves outdoors!

This Adventure involves climbing and descending, on foot, 18 different outdoor staircases at least once. That is a total of 1450 stairs (in each direction). If you want to increase the challenge you can climb and descend 2 or 3 times.
All of the staircases are close to downtown Calgary. We will be cycling between all of the staircase locations on a pleasant route involving largely pathways and quiet streets. This Adventure will take more than 4 hours.

25 Apr 2020
Climb Stairs and Cycle for Earth Day – Calgary (The Short Course)
with Chris Saunders
Calgary, Alberta

AWA has a long history of indoor stair climbing to celebrate Earth Day. Now: the stair climbing moves outdoors!

This Adventure involves climbing and descending 12 different outdoor staircases. That is a total of 975 stairs (in each direction).
All of the staircases are in or very close to the NE quadrant on the edge of Downtown Calgary. We will cycling between the staircase locations on a pleasant route involving quiet streets and pathways.
This event will take approximately 2 hours. It is suitable for participants of 12 years old and over.

2 May 2020
Climb Stairs and Walk for Earth Day – Calgary
with Chris Saunders
Calgary, Alberta

AWA has a long history of indoor stair climbing to celebrate Earth Day. Now: the stair climbing moves outdoors!

This Adventure involves walking a route around an area of NE and NW Calgary adjacent to Downtown and climbing and descending 7 different staircases, some more than once. There are 455 stairs to climb and 395 to descend.
The walk is expected to take 1.5 – 2 hours.

3 Jul 2020
Dinosaurs and Badlands
with Rob and Tjarda Barratt
Elnora, Alberta

This is a two-part adventure combining an indoor presentation and an interpretive hike through the impressive badlands of Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park. This is an exclusive opportunity to meet Dr. François Therrien, Curator of Dinosaur Palaeoecology at Royal Tyrrell Museum and attend his special presentation on the “Paleontological Wonders of Alberta.” Following this, there will be an interpretative hike to the Albertosaurus bonebed and other sites at Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park. The presentation will take place in the morning with the hike in the afternoon.

19 Jun 2020
8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Exploring the Wainwright Dunes
with Joanna Skrajny
Provost, Alberta

The Wainwright Dunes Ecological Reserve contains one of the world’s last large remnants of the aspen parkland. Situated adjacent to the southern boundary of the Camp Wainwright military reserve, this protected area is a unique combination of ecosystems. Aspen groves and sand dunes are interspersed with marshy bogs and the valley of Ribstone Creek. Relatively isolated and remote, this natural wonder allows for quiet moments of discovery.

12 May 2020
Getting Dave to the Summit
with Ed Hergott
Canmore, Alberta

Dave Wodelet had been an active member of the Mountain Manics until his eyesight deteriorated to the category of legally blind. We love having Dave out with us so we’ll count on members’ support as we guide him to the summit of Ha Ling Peak.

(Editor’s Note: Despite many requests to the contrary, Dave wants to emphasize that the goal is to get him to the top and not push him over!)

6 Jun 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Jumping Pound Mountain Circuit Hike
with Chris Saunders
Jumping Pound, Alberta

Hike the Jumping Pound Mountain circuit. This is an excellent intermediate level hike for participants with reasonable fitness and a pair of hiking boots.

30 May 2020
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Lesueur Ridge Climb
with Heinz Unger
Rocky View, Alberta

Hike up a steep ridge on open wildflower meadows, framed by aspen and mixed woods; then continue along the ridge for a rest stop overlooking the Ghost River and Lesueur Creek valleys. The descent is steep and leads to a trail along Lesueur Creek through meadows and mixed woods.

18 Jun 2020
Lethbridge Coulee Birding Tour
with Nissa Petterson
Lethbridge, Alberta

Carved out by the Oldman River, Lethbridge’s river valley and coulees are teeming with life, with these areas providing urban sanctuaries for plants and animals alike. One of the main defining features of this landscape is the species richness among birds. With over 230 species having been recorded within the city limits, Lethbridge’s coulees are filled with the spring songs of birds. Join in on the adventure of exploring this ecological diverse landscape with lead Dr. Everett Hanna, a professor with the University of Lethbridge, whose commitment to education and conservation can be seen in his efforts as a professor and a recognized wildlife biologist.

22 Jun 2020
8:15 am - 4:30 pm
Milk River Ridge Ramble
with Chris Saunders
Warner, Alberta

The Milk River Ridge, also known as the Hudson’s Bay Divide, is the height of land south of Lethbridge seen on the horizon towards Montana. On the north side water eventually finds its way into Hudson’s Bay; on the south to the Gulf of Mexico. On the Ridge are found large tracts of native foothills fescue and mixedgrass prairie, abundant wetlands, lakes and deeply incised ravines. The Ridge harbours an abundance of wildlife, including rare plant and animal species. This is still one of the few places where grizzlies still wander out onto the northern Great Plains and the local ranchers like having them around.

Photographs for Wilderness
with Andrea Johancsik

Share your past adventures in Alberta’s wilderness through the art of photography!

Pollinator Power!
with Heather Hadden
Calgary, Alberta

Alberta’s native pollinators are really amazing! Even though we’re practicing social distancing we know they are not and they still need our help. We are building bee boxes and for every minimum donation of $50, we will deliver your box to your doorstep. Our April 19th scavenger hunt is postponed until further notice. Once you have your box you will be able to personalize and set it up for your pollinator friends. As a bonus for the first 10 donors, you will find a small jar of Rocky Mountain House wild honey in your box.

26 Jul 2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Prairie Paddling
with Gail Docken
Edmonton, Alberta

A summer stand-up paddle board down the North Saskatchewan River with a picnic.

9 Jul 2020
Sentry and Chinook Peaks Adventure
with Nissa Petterson
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

The Sentry and Chinook Peaks Adventure promises majestic sights and great company! Climbing up a western range adjacent to Crowsnest Mountain, the Seven Sisters, Crowsnest Mountain, and the epitome of montane wilderness will all be part of your day exploring the Crowsnest valley.

25 Apr 2020
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
with Jamie Jack
Calgary, Alberta

YYC CYCLE calls it a “Bikergang”…
When you’re part of more than just a spin class.

28 May 2020
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Trivia for the Wild
with Sean Nichols
Calgary, Alberta

Come test out your trivia chops at this fun-filled evening with food, drinks, entertainment and more!

Date/Time to be announced
Weekend for Wilderness
with Grace Wark and Joanna Skrajny
Castle Wildland Provincial Park, Alberta

Joanna Skrajny and Grace Wark will be leading ‘Weekend for Wilderness’, a weekend spent in the Castle experiencing the beauty of the backcountry.

15 Jun 2020
Wild Gardens
with Vivian Pharis
Cochrane, Alberta

Gardening in the Chinook Belt is decidedly difficult. But, west of Calgary there exist a number of private nooks where wonderful pieces of living art have been created using plants, rocks, water and ingenuity. This is a tour of a few of these special places.

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