11 Jul 2021

Plateau Mountain

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Distance: 12-20 km
Elevation: 230 m

Plateau Mountain is a prominent landmark in south western Alberta between the Livingstone Range to the west and the prairie to the east. It is a genuine plateau about eight kilometres long and one to two kilometres wide. Technically it qualifies as a nunatuk, an area of high land that stood above the ice sheet during the last ice age. Its broad wind-swept summit hosts some unusual wildflowers and geological features. It provides important grazing for a number of wildlife species. To the visitor the plateau can feel like arctic tundra during inclement weather, quite different to the alpine and subalpine to the west, and the prairie to the east. Plateau Mountain was declared an Ecological Reserve in 1991. It is a unique place.

This is a chance to see Plateau in some detail. We will be covering some of the route by mountain bike and the rest on foot. The views from the top are spectacular.


Chris Saunders

We're sorry; this adventure is fully booked.

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