18 Jun 2022
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

AGT Building, Downtown Calgary

We're sorry; registrations have closed for this adventure.

This is a half day urban field trip designed to allow participants a detailed look at the huge variety of extraordinary fossilized creatures that are in the walls of some of the buildings in and around downtown Calgary. Tako Koning, an experienced geologist, who has made a study of the fossils, will help the group identify the many creatures that can be seen and will provide more details about their lives.

The rocks are 450 million years old from the famous Tyndall Formation which is quarried at Tyndall, Manitoba. The fossilized creatures are examples of some of the earliest forms of life.

The field trip begins downtown Calgary where we will visit 2 historic buildings clad with Tyndall. Thereafter we will move to the modern Safeway store in Kensington and the Senator Patrick Burns building on the SAIT campus.

There will be a minimum amount of walking in the downtown and travel to Kensington and the SAIT campus will be by vehicle. If you come by car, please park somewhere near to the meeting place, 119, 6th Avenue SW. If you will come on foot please advise the coordinator by email, no later than Thursday June 16 so we can include you in car pooling for the stops in Kensington and SAIT. If you are traveling by bike you should be able to get between the locations in a similar time to the cars, but make sure to bring a lock for your bike.

We will see the Tyndall in three dimensions and a wide variety of fossils (corals, sponges, nautiloids, algae, pelecypods, brachiopods) that are exquisitely preserved in the limestone. This field trip is family friendly; kids are welcome.


Tako Koning
Senior Petroleum Geologist

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