2 Jun 2023
7:15 pm


We're sorry; registrations have closed for this adventure.

YOGA FOR HIKERS, A yoga class with Andrea Salamon for hikers of all levels, in support of the Alberta Wilderness Association.

How can you get more out of your day on the trail? How can you feel less sore the next day after an epic trek? Join us for a yoga class to learn some great stretches and movements that will support your adventures! We will explore postures and breath work techniques that you can practice without a yoga mat, with your hiking boots on, in the great outdoors.

Join us for this fun evening where we will meld yoga and hiking to support our sacred Alberta wilderness. All levels are welcome.

We encourage you to get your friends and family to sponsor your participation in this adventure! We have some great prizes to give away from local businesses for those who help us reach our $750 goal.


Andrea Salamon

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