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What Happens with Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells: A Field Trip with Tako Koning

The day was cool, the sky cloudy with the distant threat of rain on the horizon. Not far from Frank Lake, cars were pulling up and people gathering for a road trip that would take us to eight stops in Southern Alberta, focusing needed attention on the abandonment of oil wells and the development of  Continue Reading »

In memory of Margaret Main and Gus Yaki: Hunting for Crocuses on Nose Hill

In springtimes past, former AWA Executive Director Christyann Olson would compete with longtime AWA friend and volunteer Margaret Main to find the first crocus blooms around Calgary. At the same time naturalist Gus Yaki, with his incredible talent for spotting even the most obscure buds or changes in his surroundings, was hunting crocus buds too.  Continue Reading »

Dinosaurs in White Rock Coulee: A Fall Hike in Southeast Alberta’s White Rock Coulee

A glorious day in the coulees along the South Saskatchewan River! Despite the oppressive heat, a spectacular discovery of dinosaur bones, a refreshing river dip, and the spectacular landscapes of Southeastern Alberta’s badlands made for a day to remember. Lindsey Wallis recounts this fascinating adventure, coordinated by Heinz and Kris Unger on September 3: There  Continue Reading »

Beaver Dams in the Ghost: Hiking the Headwaters of Meadow Creek

On August 17, Heinz and Kris Unger coordinated an adventure in to the headwaters of Meadow Creek in the Ghost wilderness areas north of Kananaskis. The group was small but the day memorable: A small group of five started out with fording Waiparous Creek and walked through cool aspen and pine groves, at times along  Continue Reading »

Flowers and Strawberries in the sub-Alpine: A Hike to Tryst Lake in late Flower Season

After a few weather-related reschedulings, we were happy to finally be able to hold our long-awaited hike to Tryst Lake in the Kananaskis sub-alpine. Despite concerns that the flowers might no longer be in bloom, it turned out to be the perfect day with the year’s earlier moisture leading to an elongated season. Coordinator Chris  Continue Reading »

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